Smith & Robards

Minor change from the lore as written: 

Smith & Robards are the primary purveyors of "new science" products in the West, if not in the entire world. Headquartered in Denver (they avoided Salt Lake City in order not to be next door to Hellstromme Industries) they will make deliveries anywhere they can reach, as per the "Smith & Robards Catalogue" book, although deliveries anywhere except their main distribution centers will likely be cost prohibitive. In addition to their headquarters in Denver, the distribution centers include Shan Fan, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, and Chicago. The company has shown no preference regarding the dispute over which nation will end up in control of Colorado.

Most "available" products are available at all times in the Denver headquarters (although there may be times when they are not), while for other distribution centers availability is much more variable. To some extent availability depends on the location of the distribution center; maze runners are more available in Shan Fan than in Salt Lake City.

The available catalogue can be found at the link below:

Smith & Robards

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