“Go back to your friends and loved ones.

Tell others not to go

To that God-forsaken country

They call New Mexico”

-- Johnny Cash


This is the continuation of "That Godforsaken Country," a Deadlands Reloaded campaign which had a hiatus.

As a Deadlands Reloaded campaign, this uses the Savage Worlds rules set and the additional Deadlands rules as published in the Deadlands Players Guide and the Deadlands Marshals Guide.

It should be noted that the rules in question are those of the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (not using the most recent rules for Shaken status) and that the changes to Blessed rules published in Stone and a Hard Place are not in effect. However, Hexslinger (also from Stone and a Hard Place) is an available, though not encouraged, Arcane Background.

The posse will be beginning in Santa Fe, the capital of the Confederate Territory of New Mexico.

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